Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay per click advertising allows you to reach new customers who are in your exact target market, searching for the products/services you sell which can provide instant results after going live. Our PPC services range across Google Ads and Bing advertising.

Specific Targeting

Target potential customers by age, gender, location, device etc.


Boost conversions and clicks from the right people across search and display networks.


We monitor your campaign results to determine feedback and recommendations.

How do we go about creating your PPC campaigns?

Before creating your PPC campaigns, we first understand your goals for the specific campaigns we will be creating. This could be to increase web traffic, increase phone calls or emails to your business or to even drive visits to your physical store.

We also run keyword research which includes finding the right search terms and phrases that match your product or service to provide the best results possible. This is such an important part of designing your campaigns as this will determine when and where your ads are shown.

  • Keyword Research
  • Define Goals
  • Determine Budget Allocation
  • Customer Targeting

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Creating your PPC ads

Once we have ran the initial goals and keyword research for your campaigns, we then start to formulate your ads and strategy to fit your budget. This includes:

  • Creating dynamic, stand out ad headlines and copy to maximise the click through rate (CTR) to your website.
  • Create bespoke landing pages on your website to match targeted keywords and improve conversions across your campaigns.
  • Monitor ad bidding to ensure amount paid per click is as low as possible and bidding is competitive.
  • Analyse performance to constantly update and change ads to maximise results moving forward.

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