Sweet Treats By Sonam

Sweet Treats by Sonam, a local business known for its personalised cakes and desserts, approached 94 Agency with the objective of revamping their brand’s visual identity and creating a comprehensive set of branded materials. Their challenge lay in the absence of a consistent brand representation across various marketing platforms, hindering effective market penetration and brand recognition.

  • New Logo Design
  • New Branding
  • Marketing Material Design

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Working collaboratively to achieve desired outcomes.


At 94 Agency, our team kicked off the project by engaging in thorough discussions with Sonam, the proprietor of Sweet Treats, to deeply understand the business’s values, target market, and desired brand perception. Leveraging our expertise in graphic design and branding, we devised a strategy to reinvigorate Sweet Treats’ brand identity. We initiated this process by crafting a captivating new logo that encapsulated the artistry and personalised nature of their offerings, breathing new life into their brand representation.

Additionally, our team developed a suite of branded materials to fortify the new brand identity. This included professionally designed business cards featuring the newly created logo and consistent visual elements, ensuring a lasting impression on potential clients. We also created social media images which were tailored to seamlessly align with the brand’s aesthetic, fostering engagement and conveying a consistent brand message across digital platforms. Furthermore, our team created visually compelling leaflets with concise, impactful content to effectively promote Sweet Treats’ products.


The collaboration between 94 Agency and Sweet Treats by Sonam resulted in a remarkable transformation of the business’s visual identity. Our newly designed logo and comprehensive set of branded materials brought forth a sense of professionalism and unity to the brand’s representation. This cohesive approach across marketing channels significantly elevated brand recognition and customer engagement. The revamped brand image led to increased inquiries and orders for their customized cakes and desserts, validating the impact of a consistent and compelling brand identity.


At 94 Agency, our strategic guidance and creative expertise successfully revitalized Sweet Treats by Sonam’s brand identity. Through our adept graphic design skills, we not only developed visually stunning materials but also aligned the brand’s visual language with its core values, ultimately amplifying its market presence and fostering stronger connections with its audience. This collaborative success emphasizes the pivotal role a well-crafted brand identity plays in driving business growth and recognition.


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