The Marketing Stream

The Marketing Stream approached us to undertake a project to enhance the online presence and visibility of their marketing-focused website catering to professionals, business owners, and marketing enthusiasts seeking insightful content. The Marketing Stream’s old website lacked an optimised user experience, page design templates, and effective SEO strategies to rank high across relevant keywords. Content creation, though rich, lacked a focused marketing approach, impacting its reach and resonance. We set out to create them a brand new site which delivered on their goals and objectives.

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Social Media Designs
  • New Logo Design & Branding
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Ongoing Optimisations

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Working collaboratively to achieve desired outcomes.


Custom WordPress Website Development: 94 Agency initiated a comprehensive overhaul, crafting a custom WordPress website with user-centric design and functionality. The emphasis was on seamless navigation, aesthetic appeal, and responsive design across devices.

Page Design Templates & UX Optimisation: Tailored page design templates were meticulously created to maintain consistency and elevate user engagement. UX optimization was a focal point, ensuring intuitive and user-friendly interactions.

Complete SEO Package for Enhanced Visibility: An all-encompassing SEO strategy was implemented, encompassing on-page and off-page optimization, keyword research, metadata enhancement, and backlink building to boost the site’s ranking across pertinent search queries.

Content Marketing Plan & Ongoing Optimization: A strategic content marketing plan was devised, emphasizing quality, relevance, and consistency. Collaborative efforts enabled the optimization of all content for search engines, ensuring that every piece resonated with the target audience’s needs and preferences.

Social Media & Search Advertising Campaigns: To extend the site’s reach, 94 Agency implemented robust social media and search advertising campaigns. A targeted approach aligned with the site’s audience demographic was employed, maximizing engagement and conversions.

New Logo Design: We created a new logo design to reflect the fresh new website and new branding for The Marketing Stream. Creating a recognisable and clean looking logo design.


Results Achieved

1. Improved Website Performance: The custom WordPress website and design templates significantly enhanced user experience, leading to increased time spent on the site.

2. Enhanced SEO Ranking: The holistic SEO approach led to improved visibility, with the site ranking higher across relevant keywords, driving organic traffic.

3. Content Marketing Success: Content optimisation and a focused marketing strategy resulted in increased readership, engagement, and shares, establishing the website as a go-to resource in the marketing niche.

4. Successful Marketing Campaigns: The social media and search advertising initiatives amplified brand visibility, resulting in heightened brand awareness and user acquisition.



94 Agency’s collaborative approach in web design, graphic design, SEO, content marketing, and social media amplified the client’s new website, fostering a robust online presence, elevating its status as a leading platform in marketing insights. The integrated efforts resulted in a successful digital transformation, attaining higher visibility, engagement, and credibility within the target market.


Ongoing partnership

The partnership between The Marketing Stream and 94 Agency demonstrates how a strategic approach to branding and marketing collateral can significantly impact a business’s success. By addressing the client’s diverse needs with a range of visually appealing and informative materials, 94 Agency helped The Marketing Stream elevate its brand presence, attract new users, and foster deeper connections with its existing customer base.


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