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Simply Markets, a visionary in financial and crypto market education, strives to equip its members with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the dynamic world of finance. They offer an array of educational services, including trading classes, courses, and training. When Simply Markets sought to elevate their mission, they engaged 94 Agency, known for our design and marketing prowess.

  • Responsive Website Development
  • Custom Members Area
  • Subscription Payments
  • Knowledge Hub for Courses and Downloads
  • Social Media Content Design
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Performance Tracking & Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Consultancy

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Working collaboratively to achieve desired outcomes.

The Challenge: Simply Markets faced distinctive challenges on their path to becoming a leading institution in financial and crypto market education. Simply Markets required a platform which allowed them to share their resources with their members and provide a digital foundation which could be built on. Simply markets also required a way to charge their customers on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis through their online platform which then allows them access to the platform, its resources and paid content.


1. Bespoke WordPress Solution: 94 Agency engineered a custom WordPress website tailored to Simply Markets’ specific needs, seamlessly blending user experiences with a robust back-end for efficient management.

2. Members’ Portal: A dedicated members’ portal was designed on the back end, granting members access to a wealth of educational resources, expert advice, and a community forum for knowledge sharing.

3. Subscription Payments: Subscription payment systems were established, granting members exclusive portal access and ensuring steady revenue streams, enhancing member engagement.

4. SEO and Content Strategy: 94 Agency employed advanced SEO techniques and content strategies to enhance Simply Markets’ online presence, securing prominent search engine rankings.

5. Content Creation: The agency generated a diverse range of content, including social media infographics, to educate and captivate the target audience effectively.

6. Continuous Updates: Regular website and content updates were executed to maintain relevance and adapt quickly to market dynamics.

7. Performance Tracking: Analytics tools were seamlessly integrated to monitor online performance, facilitating data-driven refinements to strategies.

8. Marketing Automation: Email marketing and e-commerce strategies were automated, ensuring streamlined user experiences and improved conversion rates.

9. Advertising Consultation: 94 Agency provided invaluable consultation on advertising options, empowering Simply Markets to broaden its reach and enhance brand recognition.


Results: The collaboration between Simply Markets and 94 Agency yielded impressive outcomes:

Robust Online Presence: Simply Markets now boasts an advanced website, providing members with an exceptional learning platform.

Engaged Community: The members’ portal fosters an active and engaged community, augmenting the value proposition for members.

Steady Revenue Streams: Subscription payments secure consistent revenue, supporting ongoing growth.

High Visibility: Enhanced SEO and content strategies propel the website to higher search engine rankings.

Engaging Content: A wealth of educational content and infographics keeps the target audience informed and captivated.

Agile Updates: Regular updates ensure Simply Markets remains responsive to market shifts.

Data-Driven Decisions: Analytics tools offer valuable insights for fine-tuning online performance.

Efficient Marketing: Automated marketing strategies streamline user engagement and conversion processes.

Wider Reach: Advertising consultation expands Simply Markets’ reach and elevates brand recognition.


On-going partnership

94 Agency’s mastery in design and marketing has transformed Simply Markets into a prominent force in financial and crypto market education. They are now fully equipped to educate and empower a growing base of members effectively. They now have a platform which empowers their users and allows Simply Markets to collaboratively share their financial market educational resources and courses with their members.  We are now working on a series of promotional advertising to attract more users to the site from social media and search engines.


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